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I have a new short story out this week in the horror anthology Games Creatures Play, edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner. When Charlaine invited me to be part of this anthology and explained what it was going to be about, I knew I had to write a story for it. My contribution is called "Dreamer" and is rather unlike anything I've ever written—and it's even a true short story rather than a novella. You can read a preview of it here.

If you like what you see in the preview, I hope you'll check the anthology out. I know that horror isn't something my usual readers necessarily read very much of on a regular basis, but you may be surprised and enjoy it more than you expected.

The anthology came out on Tuesday in the US/Canada and today in the UK/Australia/New Zealand. You can find region-specific store links at the link above.

Here's the full list of highly talented contributors and stories for the anthology:

Games Creatures Play
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First some updates on Words of Radiance, which comes out in less than two weeks. It's almost here! has posted what it was like to be a beta reader (note: I'm not currently looking for additional beta readers) and spoiler-free reactions to the book, and they're mailing out daily context-free snippets. You can see all the sample chapters and's other coverage here.

For those of you wanting to go to the midnight release at the BYU Bookstore, they wanted me to make sure you know that books ordered through will not be charged to your credit card until sometime between February 28th and March 4th. Please preorder here so they can make sure they have enough books; if you wait until the last few days to place your order, it will be too late for the bookstore to order more. Note: If you got an email from the BYU Bookstore saying the book was out of stock and backordered, don’t worry. Those emails were auto-generated; it only means that as of February 10th the books had not yet shipped from Tor’s warehouse to the bookstore. The books will be there at the release.

They have ordered a ton of copies, but it's always possible they could underestimate and some readers could go home empty-handed. At the midnight release of A Memory of Light they were able to get a book to everyone only after a dozen people who had reserved more than one copy agreed to put off picking up their second copy until the next shipment came in. So if you plan to attend the midnight release and have the ability to preorder, please preorder!

Now that Weller Book Works has sold out of their signing-by-mail (I'm signing those books in two days and they'll start shipping on Monday), I will also sign and number books for people who order from the BYU Bookstore but can't attend the signing and want to have the book shipped. However, please be aware that everyone who comes to the release gets priority, and if they run out of books at the release, copies for shipping will have to be signed at least a week later and won't get a number. Also many of the other stores on my tour will happily ship you a signed copy if you call them up and request it, but of course they won't be able to ship until the day after I sign in the store. Another option is The Signed Page.

My assistant Peter has put up Twitter posts archives for January and the first half of February.

I've added a Writing Advice section to the website. My writing advice show Writing Excuses is of course mentioned; by the way the most recent episodes are on Artificial Intelligence (with Nancy Fulda), Highjacking the Knowledge You Already Have (with Mette Ivie Harrison), the Experience of Time, and Last Pass Revisions (with Eric James Stone).

The newest additions to my Writing Advice page are the lectures from my 2014 creative writing class, which you can also see below or on my YouTube channel.

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It's too late to have things shipped in time for Christmas from the store, but you can send gift certificates. These are sent by email to whoever you want to receive one, and you can buy them here.

The Sugarhouse Barnes & Noble has signed copies of The Rithmatist, Steelheart, The Way of Kings, and all three of my Wheel of Time books. The Steelheart copies are all the B&N exclusive edition with an annotated chapter, and on Saturday there were still three copies with Steelhunt codes inside them. Thanks to all who came to the signing, and to B&N for setting up such a nice event! This is the only place in the valley right now to get signed copies of my books, for you last-minute shoppers.

I've also neglected to link to the Writing Excuses writing advice show episodes that have been released this month. They are:
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Hey, all. As the holiday season is here, I wanted to give a shout-out to Worldbuilders, Pat Rothfuss’s yearly, F&SF-themed charity drive. Pat puts a great deal of work into the charity, and I love how it brings the community together to do something great. The charity he supports (Heifer International) is quite worthy, and I’ve participated in one way or another every year I’ve been able.

This year, I wanted to do something a little special. With the help of the Waygate Foundation, the group of Wheel of Time fans who seek to do charitable work, I have offered to Pat a special event for Worldbuilders, if one of his benchmarks is met. (I believe he set it at 100k in donations, which we’re very close to reaching.)

He lists my stretch goal as something like, “Brandon will live-stream a writing session.” But this is going to be so very much more than such a simple sentence indicates. If we hit Pat’s goal, I’m going to get on (a streaming site with an integrated viewer chat) and then I’m going to brainstorm and write a story according to audience direction.

That’s right, I’ll let you have a say in deciding turning points, descriptions, and general mayhem in the story. I’ll explain what I’m doing each of the way via Twitch’s integrated webcam feature, and will try to do an extended Q&A as well.

I’ll look at doing this for five hours or so: an hour of brainstorming followed by four hours of writing. If we don’t finish the story (which is likely, as I envision four hours getting us somewhere around 2,000–3,000 words) I’ll try to wrap up what I’m doing in some interesting (but open-ended) way, then release the story into the Creative Commons as something like an extended writing prompt. The challenge to all of you will to be to finish it according to your preference.

Either way, it should be a very unique experience. You’ll be able to not only watch me write, but have a hand in what takes place, as well as ask questions about the process while it’s going on. If you’d like to see this happen, all you need to do is donate to Worldbuilders. (I’ll probably use the writing session itself as a mini donation drive as well.)

Now, there will be some limitations. The chat will be heavily moderated by my team to delete abusive or inappropriate language—be aware, therefore, that we’re going to be a little trigger-happy with deleting comments. Something like this could quickly spiral out of control. If we hit the goal prompting me to do this, I’ll look at doing this session in the coming weeks—I promise it will at least happen before Worldbuilders ends on February 2nd. (I’m thinking second week of January is the likely date, though I’ll give lots of forewarning.)

My intent is to release whatever I write during the session to the Creative Commons. Then, I will probably finish the rest of the story on my own time and donate it to Worldbuilders or Waygate to sell (assuming it turns out well enough to be worth paying for) as a digital download, proceeds going to charity. I do have to warn that though the writing process of the story should be a lot of fun—and will hopefully be very interesting to all involved—I can’t promise the story will actually work. I’ve never done anything like this before. You’re going to be able to see me write a rough draft in all of its ugly glory, egregious spelling errors included. Perhaps that alone will be amusing enough to some of you to encourage a donation. But I’ve been toying with trying this for over a year now, and it’s time to offer the chance to everyone out there.

So, please go to Worldbuilders and check out all of the awesome incentives that authors and other creative professionals are offering. Donate what you can. Then, get ready for something distinctly strange as you all create the story, and I do the writing.

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First off, keep in mind that the shipping deadline for signed books and other nifty things is tomorrow! Look here for more details. I'm also appearing at the Orem Library Holiday Author Extravaganza tomorrow morning; see my events calendar.

For those who missed my posts on social media in the wee hours of the morning last week, I have finished the final draft of Words of Radiance, second volume in the Stormlight Archive. We turned the manuscript in to Tor, and they printed the thing off and showed how big it is in this blog post here. They also released one of the interludes on their site for free, as a preview. Enjoy!

I also wanted to mention that I did a few signings last week, and left signed books behind that you might want to grab. The most important of these was the signing I did for the military men and women on Hill Air Force Base. The Exchange there said that they commonly ship to other Exchanges around the world.

So, if you are in the army or air force and you want to buy a signed copy of Steelheart, you can just go to your Exchange and have them order one of the signed ones in from the Hill Base Exchange! The book only costs about $14 there. I thought some of you might be interested in this, particularly some of you serving overseas who can’t easily get signed books otherwise.

I also did leave many copies of my books signed at the Idaho Falls Barnes & Noble. (Including A Memory of Light and The Emperor’s Soul.) The Fred Meyer’s in Pocatello had a very nice turnout on Monday, and I left signed books with them too. So if you’re in eastern Idaho, I think you’re covered. And as I mentioned above, I'll be at the Orem Library tomorrow, for those of you in Utah Valley.

Anyway, now that Words of Radiance is done and turned in, I’m working full-time again on Firefight (sequel to Steelheart). I plan to keep at that through December and into January, so watch the progress bars if you want to keep up.

Thanks, all, and have a Merry Christmas and some Happy Holidays!

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My store manager Kara has set up some sales in the Brandon Sanderson store that I'll mention below. But first I want to mention that the Steelheart ebook is $2.49 today in the US on Amazon and the Google Play store. The Way of Kings is also on sale at $2.99 in the US across all ebook vendors; for links see here.

In other news, this week's Writing Excuses episode features Scott Lynch talking with us about Roguishness in front of a live audience at Gen Con. We also announced the 2014 Out of Excuses workshop and writing retreat. It will be held September 29–October 5, and registration will open on January 18th and is sure to sell out quickly.

For this holiday season, the Windrunner Glyph pendant is on sale at $25, there's a new holiday 2-pack of the signed hardcovers of The Emperor's Soul and Firstborn/Defending Elysium marked down to $38, and Szeth shirts are back in stock and on sale at $25. Plus if you use the coupon code HOLIDAY2013 at checkout, you get $1.00 off shipping and a free 7-pack of The Way of Kings magnets. Also check out everything else in the store. All of the sales are until supplies last or until Kara decides to end them. And remember to check the holiday shipping deadlines.
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I've been posting some Wheel of Time Retrospective posts over at my website blog. Today's post is on the writing process of TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT. Check out all the posts here.Read more...Collapse )
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Well, the results are in: whose book sold best, James's or Brandon's—and the winner is Brandon.


Brandon Mull.

That's right, Brandon Mull's Wild Born has defeated both Steelheart and The Eye of Minds. Brandon Mull is a good friend of mine and James Dashner's, and his book outsold both of ours last week, so I'm declaring him the winner. This means that both James and I have the honor of changing our social media profile pictures to Justin Bieber. James already changed his photo. I'm now proud to present to you the photo that will adorn my profiles for the next couple weeks or so:

The Bieberllama

Please share this post so that all your friends may bask in the glory of the Bieberllama.
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I've started my tour for Steelheart! After two very successful Utah signings, I've flown off to Texas where I will have events in Houston and Austin. You can check out my full schedule here.

To accompany the Steelheart release, I've posted a guest Big Idea essay over at John Scalzi's Whatever blog. It starts off like this:

Read more...Collapse )
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Steelheart has been released! More about that here, plus my bet with James Dashner that involves photos of Justin Bieber.
On my tour I'm doing something called the Steelhunt. You can read more details about it here.
And at long last, it’s time for me to continue my series on how I develop magic systems for my books: Sanderson's Third Law. If you haven’t read the first two pieces in this sequence, check out Sanderson’s First Law and Sanderson’s Second Law.
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