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Podcasts + Updates

Last week I appeared on the Atomic Array podcast with the Crafty Games folks to talk about the Mistborn Adventure Game tabletop RPG.

This week's Writing Excuses podcast episode is another one where Howard, Mary, Dan, and I cover a bunch of questions very quickly:

  • Is it better to include romance, horror, SF, or other genre elements to flesh out a story, or should the story stand alone?
  • Any tips for developing an idea without getting caught in Worldbuilder's Disease?
  • Any NaNo WriMo tips? (yes.)
  • What did you to do build an audience before you got published and famous and stuff?
  • How do you create sub-plots without overshadowing the main plot?
  • What are the most important things you learned as writers during 2011?
  • How do you stay motivated (especially during editing) when it seems like everything you wrote is crap?

The newest ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS annotation talks about Smedry Talents and my reaction to books about boys and their dogs.

My assistant has also uploaded a new Twitter posts archive.

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