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Mistborn - A MEMORY OF LIGHT deleted sequence "River of Souls" to appear in UNFETTERED anthology
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A MEMORY OF LIGHT deleted sequence "River of Souls" to appear in UNFETTERED anthology

Shawn Speakman has put together a great anthology coming out in early 2013 that features a bunch of big names in the fantasy field (including Terry Brooks, Pat Rothfuss, Tad Williams, and others). He asked the authors to record videos to promote it, so here's my video explaining my contribution.

If you're interested, you can preorder UNFETTERED here. It will also be available for Kindle and Nook once the book is released.

tnsabregirl From: tnsabregirl Date: October 11th, 2012 12:33 am (UTC) (Link)


I'll go preorder Unfettered right now. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Brandon!


*Edit* - Wow, wish I'd known about this book before all the signed editions went away. That's a good amount of money for Mr. Speakman's debts; hopefully, it will help a lot. Fantastic! I ordered two copies of the unsigned edition, one for me and another for a Christmas gift.

I saw that Todd Lockwood also had a story in there. His contribution to The Emerald Serpent anthology was stellar (of course, that whole anthology was strong). Glanced at the list of other authors, and bought two copies. Hoping I can get you to sign your story at JordanCon and I hope to catch up with Todd later at some point, too.

Thanks again for letting us know!

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