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Infinity Blade: Redemption + Updates

Hey, all! I had an exciting time at Worldcon, as you might have heard. I'm working on a long blog post about the experience, and it will go up tomorrow. (Actually, be sure to check my site tomorrow regardless...)

For today, though, I wanted to announce the release of my second and final Infinity Blade novella! It's out now on the iBookstore, with a short exclusive period for them. I believe it is DRM-free, and it will move to other ebook platforms next week.

If you aren't familiar with this project, these are based on a game series made by some friends of mine in Salt Lake City. The games are awesome, and have been bestsellers on iOS devices. I did one other novella bridging the first and second games, and now have written one taking place after the second game. It's been a fun experience; they've really let me onto the team, and I've been able to have a lot to do with the story development of the entire series.

Pictures of Hugo Awards tomorrow!

In other news, my assistant Peter has uploaded another Twitter posts archive, covering August.

A bit of catch-up on the Writing Excuses podcast: We did episodes on making non-human characters relatable, survivorship bias, and a guest episode with Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content about digging yourself out of holes.


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