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New Writing Excuses Episode + Updates - Mistborn
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New Writing Excuses Episode + Updates
In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, Variations on First Person, Brandon, Mary, Dan, and Howard spend a few minutes on the administrative stuff before jumping into January’s structural topic, the first person voice, with a discussion of the variations in how that POV is presented. We cover some of the different first person POV styles, what sorts of stories they’re often best-suited for, and how we go about writing them well.

Tor.com's Warbreaker Reread: Last week, in chapter ten, Vivenna was repeatedly sent spinning as she tried to cope with mercenaries and the death of Lemex. This week, in chapter eleven, we return to a decidedly bored Siri, as she attempts to find something interesting to do with herself—since kneeling naked on the floor for hours is definitely not at the top of the list.

You can see the December Twitter post archive here.

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