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What's up with AMoL?

A few hours back, people started sharing links regarding a few places outside the US who have begun posting news related to A Memory of Light.  I'm getting some emails about this, so I thought I'd go ahead and post something.  Likely, this will all get overwritten soon, as soon as Tor and the Jordan estate release official reactions and/or announcements.

I can't say much.  Why?  Well, it's not my right.  I'm loving being part of the Wheel of Time, but it is Harriet's world, not mine.  And so I feel it right to let her make any announcements at her pace.  I don't even feel right linking some of the websites making news about this, though you can find a thread about it on Dragonmount if you look.

A very small cover image has been floating around, and people want me to say if it's a hoax or not.  Well, to be honest, I haven't yet seen the cover art for the book.  Things have been so busy for me these last few months editing that I've let Harriet handle all of that.  So I don't know if the cover is the real one or not.  It certainly looks like Mr. Sweet's work, and it could be a scene from the book.  But it looks rough, perhaps not the finished art.  It's too small to tell.  And the lettering on it is suspect to me--it mentions this book being the sequel to Crossroads of Twilight, for instance, which is a flat-out error.  I certainly didn't approve that on cover copy, and I doubt Harriet did either.  Most likely, this is a mock-up done internally that is being used as a placeholder.  That's just one of the several things that bothers me about this cover image.

A lot of people are wondering on the number of volumes this book will be.  I'll be honest, this is a big, big project.  I stand by one promise to you, no matter what else happens.  I will NOT artificially inflate the size of this book.  It doesn't matter to me how many volumes Tor decides to make it; the story is the same to me.  One volume, as Robert Jordan planned it.  Enormous. 

If it is split into chunks, I will push Tor to release them as soon as is reasonably possible and I will push hard for an omnibus edition at the end.

More soon.


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