November 1st, 2009

Mistborn Cover

A Few More Words about Denver

Brandon here. If you've been watching, you'll know that I've been having Peter update for me. This will probably continue in following weeks as the tour stretches onward.

I was able to find a few moments, however, and thought I'd say a few extra things about today's signing. As Peter pointed out, this is an important signing for us. It's the first 'ticketed' signing I've done--where a bookseller has actually been forced by my arrival to rent out an auditorium space in order to hold those who (presumably) are going to come.

Before I got into this business, I would sometimes feel annoyed at signings where I was required to buy the book from that particular store (or buy a ticket) in order to get things signed. I didn't realize the cost involved for a bookstore in extra staff and (in some cases) auditorium space. It gets frustrating for booksellers to do that, then have everyone bring books they bought on Amazon. (I had one signing recently where 150 people came to get books signed, but the store only sold 25. That was okay, as they hadn't rented an auditorium, but they probably didn't make any money, considering the extra staff and time spent preparing and promoting.)

Regardless, my big worry is that we'll do this signing, and only 50 people will show up, making the Tattered Cover lose a ton of money on the event space. So if you live near Denver and know some sf/f fans, please pass along the news. I will be doing a reading and a Q&A, and we'll have bumper-stickers as well as other cool things. (We'll probably be giving away a big poster print of the cover, for instance, which I will sign.)

I hope to see many of you there. The Tattered is a great store, and deserves your support. As a note, I think that I WILL be able to sign multiple copies of the book (and my other books) so long as you buy one book from Tattered. In fact, I've heard that they'll let others come in and get books signed even if they didn't buy one or buy a ticket, once everyone else is done. (I'm not sure how this works, never having done it before.) Also, I think that buying Warbreaker from them will get you in too. (I'll check with them before.)

There's one other thing I want to mention. If you're not religious, you will probably find this amusing, but I wanted to speak out to those who might be uncomfortable coming to this event as it is on a Sunday. It's actually my first signing on a Sunday, as I usually ask for this day of the week off so I can have some time to rest and go to church.

Tor has been very accommodating toward me in this area, and I have several of the Sundays on this tour off. They felt it important that we do this event on this day, however, and I agreed to their request in the spirit of meeting them half-way. It had already been scheduled when I reminded them of my Sunday request, and canceling it didn’t seem right.

I believe that how people spend their Sundays (or Saturdays, depending on your religion) is a personal decision, one that shouldn't involve finger-pointing. It's between you and your God, and I'm not going to judge what is good for your family and your own well being. If you don't want to come, I understand and will leave signed books behind that you can pick up next week. If you feel that listening to me read is a good activity for this day (I’ll try to make it so) then I’m happy to see you there.

Personally, my biggest regret is that by doing this, I require bookstore staff to work who might otherwise wish to be home with their families. But I do love the Tattered Cover, and think that it is important to support independent booksellers. Sometimes, one must do as the job requires, and right now my duty is to make this a wonderful, successful signing for all involved.

Either way, thanks for reading.